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July 2, 2009

Carphone Warehouse given OK for Tiscali takeover

The Carphone Warehouse has been given the go ahead to complete it’s buy out of the UK arm of Tiscali by EU authorities.

The takeover is worth £236 million which is greatly needed by Tiscali who have a huge mountain of debt that they need to pay back.
With this acquisition it will take The Carphone Warehouses total broadband customer base to around 4.25 million making it the largest UK residential broadband provider alongside it’s other broadband entities such as TalkTalk Broadband and AOL Broadband.

The European Commission who looked into the takeover concluded that it would not damage competition in the UK, and with other big broadband providers such as BT and Virgin Media there is enough big competition in the UK.

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Author: Ruth @ 11:29 am

June 5, 2009

Tiscali TV launch new Enhanced Programme Guide

Tiscali broadband who are being acquired by The Carphone Warehouse are to launch a new Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)  for it’s Tiscali TV service.

The new EPG is to be launched on 10th June and uses HD graphics, widescreen, faster and has (according to Tiscali) the most user friendly and personalised interface.

Some differences include when the user turns it on it will announce “Hello Mark” or the name of who turns it on, and then the menu system to find what the user wants to watch longer has 40 options but a new icon bar that will help users get to what they want form the 110 channels, 19 radio stations, Catch-Up programmes 5,000 hours of on demand and up to 1,000 movies, and 8,000 music videos.

A new text message type search has been integrated to let users search for what they want to watch from current and recorded programmes, the search will find anything from programme titles to the credits and programme synopsis.

Tiscali TV users don’t need to do anything as the update will automatically be sent to the set top box.

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Author: Sheri @ 1:35 pm

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