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TMobile Broadband Setup - Setting up TMobile Broadband

The setup process involved in getting TMobile broadband working

Estimated setup time: 5-10 minutes
Difficulty rating: Very straight forward

Having gone through the setup we found that providing your TMobile sim card is topped up (if you are a pay as you go mobile broadband customer) or enabled then set up should take only between 5-10 minutes to be up and running.
Very simple and self explanatory!

TMobile broadband startup pack Your TMobile broadband pack will be a case that contains the equipment to get your TMobile broadband up and running.
Included in this pack will be:
- TMobile broadband USB modem
- USB cable
- USB cable with auxiliary data cable
- Quick start guide
- Sim card & top up card (for the pay as you go mobile broadband users)
- Setup CD (mainly for use with Apple Mac users).


The instructions looked really easy to follow with only a few things to do to get up and running.

***Before starting, anyone who is going to be using a Pay as you Go mobile broadband connection will need to make sure that their sim card is topped up with credit before they will be able to connect to the mobile broadband. The top up card will be located in the pack and can be topped up in shops, online or over the phone***

TMobile broadband web'n'walk USB modemFirst up was to remove the sim card holder from the side of the USB modem, it is located on the side of the modem and is easy to pull out. The location of the sim card holder can be seen in the image to the right.


You then need to remove the actual sim card from the sim card carrier by carefully twisting it. The sim card will be located in a credit card sized plastic card and stuck to a piece of paper in the pack.


You next need to slide the sim card into the sim card holder, there is only one correct way to do this and it is marked on the underside of the sim card holder.
Below is an example of the correct way to insert the sim card and also an incorrect way. You need to make sure the cut edge corner goes in first with the metal part of the sim card facing you.

Correct way to insert sim card
Correct way to enter TMobile sim
Incorrect way to insert sim card
Incorrect way to enter TMobile sim

After inserting the TMobile sim card into the sim card holder you need to then put the sim card holder back into the USB modem. The correct way to put this in is with the face of the sim card facing down (if the top of the modem is facing up, indicated with the TMobile logo being the top). View below for an example.

Correct way to insert sim card holder
Correct way to enter sim holder into TMobile broadband modem
Incorrect way to insert sim card holder
Incorrect way to enter sim holder into TMobile broadband modem

You should make sure that your computer/Laptop is now switched on and ready before you proceed to do anything else.
Connecting TMobile broadband modem to LaptopYou need to take the USB cable and connect the mini-USB connector (the smaller connection of the two) into the USB modem (Note: there are 2 USB cables in the pack, you should only need the smaller cable with the one small and one larger USB connections. The other USB cable that has the mini-USB and the 2 larger USB connections is only really needed when more power is needed and the light on the TMobile web'n'walk USB modem doesn't come on.).

The other end of the cable need the larger USB connection plugging into the computer/Laptop. The computer should automatically detect the new hardware and with most PCs the install program will automatically start to run (it may take a minute).

There are then a series of prompts to go through to complete the installation, they are very straight forward and appear in the following order (you should not really need to change anything as the default settings and locations should be appropriate for most users):
  • The first is to tell you to close any other applications before you install the TMobile web'n'walk USB modem. Click "Next"
  • The second is to agree to the License agreement. Click "I Agree"
  • The location that the installation will be put is next. If you are happy with the location that has been selected click "Next" or browse for a new location.
  • Then you have to choose what name you want to appear in the Start Menu folder, if you are happy with what has been suggested then click "Install".
  • You will then see the TMobile web'n'walk mobile broadband start to install. This may take a minute or two.
  • Once the install is completed you will see a prompt to tell you this, you then need to click "Finish".

TMobile web'n'walk iconOn the desktop you should now see a new icon to connect to TMobile broadband, it is the web'n'walk USB manager one, as seen here.


After you have clicked this link you will have the web'n'walk USB manager load up, from here you need to click on the "Connect" button located at the top left, as indicated in the image below.

The authenticated will then take place and you should connect to your mobile broadband connection and be able to start surfing the Internet.

Below is what the web'n'walk connection manager looks like, with various parts of it numbered with what they mean below.

web'n'walk screen and meanings

1 - Connect/Disconnect button. Changes depending if you are connected or not
2 - Transfer information. How long you have been online and how much data you have downloaded and uploaded in this session.
3 - Statistics. How much data transfer you have done on a Daily/Monthly/Yearly basis
4 - Graph to show speeds. Green is for Downloads, Yellow is for Uploads.
5 - The signal strength of your TMobile broadband connection. The more bars the higher the strength.

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