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Virgin Media Company

Virgin MediaVirgin Media is another division of the Virgin group of companies set up by Sir Richard Branson that deals with telecommunications such as broadband, TV and phone.

The Virgin Media part looks after the Virgin broadband, Virgin TV, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Mobile broadband and Virgin phone.

The Virgin Media phrase is "Watch it, surf it, talk it, walk it" as they are able to provide users with TV, broadband, phone and mobile all from the same place.

Customers of Virgin Media are able to purchase multiple services form them, usually the more services a customer buys the better the deal they will receive.

As part of the Virgin digital TV offering Virgin can now offer V+ which allows their digital TV customers to pause, rewind and record live TV.

The Broadband on offer where available is cable broadband which is different than most other broadband provided in the UK. Cable broadband uses fibre optic cable and is able to deliver data much faster than the standard copper wire used by BT and other providers. As such Virgin broadband currently has a headline speed of 50Mb broadband.


Although the Virgin brand is known throughout the UK and the world there is still some common misspellings of the name, including Vergin Media broadband, Vigin Media broadband and also Virgen Media.

Although people spell Vigin Media wrong you will still find all the offers available from them.

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