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Broadband - Virgin Media Broadband - Digital TV - V+


If your Digital TV service is provided by Virgin Media then you have the option to use their V+ service which allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV.

V+ box from Virgin MediaWhat is more, V+ also allows you to record 2 programmes while watching a third so you no longer have to worry about what you want to watch and what you record as there is the technology for both.

The V+ box is also HD TV (High-Definition) ready if you have a HD TV so you don't have to change the V+ box in the future if you change your current non HD TV to a HD TV.

The cost of getting the Virgin V+ box is currently £99 installation and then just £5 per month rental.
If a user no longer wants the use of V+ then they can unsubscribe and all V+ features and any HD channels will be blocked and the user will be able to continue to watch the standard digital TV channels.

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