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WiFi MaxThe WIFI Max is the ideal easy way to set up wireless internet access from a home computer and be able to play wireless online gaming. You simply plug the USB WIFI dongle into the USB port of a computer with Internet access and you will have a wireless Internet access point.

You can get a WiFi Max for the Nintendo DS and also a WiFi Max for the PSP.

The WIFI MAX is able to support up to 5 local PSP games at a time so you can set up a group of you to play online at the same time. A great piece of kit and extremely useful!

What we must add about the WiFi Max is that on the face of it we can't see any security measures so you may be allowing your computer open access to anyone in the vacinity. At around £25 the WiFi Max is cheaper than it would cost to get a wireless router but you can add the security measures in place with a wireless router.

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