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Wireless broadband is fast becoming more and more widely used, basically what Wireless broadband is is being able to use an internet/broadband connection without any physical wires or leads between the device you are using and the router/modem that is getting the information.

Wireless broadbandThis means that you no longer have to be sat at a computer terminal to have access to the Internet, you can be sat in the garden or any house in the room (providing there is coverage available) and connect wirelessly to the Internet

Obviously to use wireless broadband you will need some slightly different equipment to allow wireless, such as a wireless router.

The real big benefit to wireless broadband is that you can quite often find a wireless connection in coffee shops, airport lounges, hotels and many other places. This for many can mean that work or tasks may be able to be done when originally they wouldn't be able to be done. All the person needs is a wireless device and they should be able to connect and use the Internet as normal.

As was mentioned above you need to have some different hardware and equipment to use wireless broadband. A standard modem or router will not work and you need to get a wireless router/modem so that it is able to transmit the data to your wireless device. Also you might need to also get a "wireless access point" that will be used to extend the coverage of your wireless connection. As the wireless connection can only go so far then a wireless access point acts as a booster to make the signal go further, this can help if you are struggling to get a reception in a part of the house or in the garden!

The device you want to connect to the Internet wirelessly also needs to have wireless receiver, many laptops now come with wireless built into them.

On a similar theme to wireless broadband is that of mobile broadband. Mobile broadband means that your mobile broadband modem plugs into your laptop and connects to the Internet using the mobile phone networks.

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